Moroccan Odyssey

As a photographer I am always making a short list of destinations that I’d love to shoot.  Earlier this year I pulled the trigger and decided to go to Morocco which I have always viewed as visually spectacular and culturally exotic.   For three weeks I traveled around the country from sea to mountains to deserts and everything in between.  I had local guides and fixers along the way to help me navigate the many challenges that you are confronted with in a north african and arab country.   My goal was to capture the spirit of Morocco with a focus on people, culture and architecture

Morocco is a dazzling kaleidoscope of sensations and contrasts and at the center ancient traditions.  From vibrant and bustling medinas to the sparse but breathtaking Sahara, the country packs a remarkable amount of variety.  Getting lost is what happens in morocco, and one must learn to embrace the joy in that.    Some of my trip highlights were the markets of Marakesh,  desert camping in the Sahara and the stunning “Blue City” of Chefchaouen.

No this isn’t a photoshop trick, there really are goats in trees in Morocco!  Goats are drawn to the argan fruit and have no qualms about scampering to the top of these 30-foot-tall trees

One of the challenges I found in morocco was that people DON’T like their pictures taken.  I always come from a place of respect and compassion but had to learn to be skillful at getting people more relaxed or even shooting quickly at times.


Ultimately the success of a trip for me needs to work on two levels, rewarding and enriching experiences and also capturing some of this in my photography work.  I believe I was able to accomplish this.   Living in marin I am endlessly inspired by the beauty we have and it fuels me creatively.  Ultimately, I believe beauty can be found anywhere from right outside your door to half way across the world.  I welcome you to check out my photography and hope to inspire you to take moment to enjoy the magic that is all around us.


A new day begins




For more please checkout Morocco Gallery

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